Alexander Edwards, also known as "Brumhaus," is a contemporary graphic artist, blending urban architectural forms with geometric abstraction, and modernist aesthetics in his inspiring artworks.


Early Life and Influences

Born in Birmingham, UK, he admired Brum’s varied and ever-changing skyline. He is inspired modernist art, design & architecture, particularly artistic pioneers like Picasso and Klee, and design luminary Lance Wyman. One notable influence is Victor Servranckx's painting titled 'The Town'.


Education and Development

During the 90s he gained a formal art & design education at Bournville Institute of Art & Design and University of Wolverhampton, studying Visual Communication. His early career was as an Environmental Graphic Designer, before becoming a full time artist in 2017, melding digital techniques with bold geometry in his signature hard-edged graphic style.


Artistic Style

Characterized by balanced compositions, urban symbolism, and a hard-edged style, his work seeks unique perspectives on cityscapes, suburbs and landmarks, and are available in various sizes as high quality giclée prints. 


Exhibitions and Recognition

Brumhaus has exhibited throughout the Midlands, including Art In The Park and other local events, earning acclaim in publications and collaborations with institutions such as Jaguar Land Rover and University of Birmingham.  


Philosophy and Vision

He believes art can deeply connect individuals to their urban environments, exploring the interplay between architecture and personal bonds.  Legacy and Future Endeavors: Brumhaus continues expanding his local art collection, driven by a passion for human connections to urban landscapes.



Brumhaus, an innovative artist, presents a unique perspective on the world through his inspiring creations, exploring the built up environment using architectural patterns and geometric shapes, highlighting the enduring influence of human ingenuity.