Colouring-In Sheets

Colouring-In Sheets

To keep the troops at home busy I made a couple of colouring-in sheets. They’re free to download and print out. Tag @brumhaus in your on social media images or use #ColourInBrum and #ISupportBirmingham

The first one is from my Autumn In Brum print.


Click Here to Download the ‘Colour In Brum’ PDF

The next colouring-in sheet is a geometric design developed from some recent artwork, featuring the text #ISupportBirmingham. To find out more info on why I am using this hashtag go to the I Choose Birmingham website.

Click Here to Download the ‘ISupportBirmingham’ PDF


Here’s a version of my University of Birmingham print for you to colour in too. Don’t forget to show your efforts on social media with hashtag #ColourInBrum

Click Here to Download the ‘UniversityofBirmingham’ Jpeg


Please note if you have downloads blocked the links above won’t work. If all else fails just email and I’ll send it over when I can.



School Art Project Help


If you are a school teacher hosting an art class feel free to read them this message from me…


‘Hey! Thank you for taking an interest in my artwork. I always liked drawing when I was a school kid, but I’d never have imagined that one day it would be my job. In fact I wasn’t even the best in class, but I enjoyed it. I used to doodle a lot, just random things like weird creatures and interesting shapes. Then one day I was walking around Birmingham city centre and felt inspired by all of the tall buildings. Birmingham is somewhere lots of people share, its a place of memory and belonging. I began to draw the places I felt an attachment to. 

When making a new picture firstly I draw a sketch using just simple lines and shapes which resemble the buildings, then I colour it all in, sometimes adding in patterns. I include just enough to remind you of what a building looks like, like the circles on the Library of Birmingham or the plus shapes on The Cube. It could just be the outline. It’s that simple. 

I hope YOU are inspired by the place YOU live. Maybe you could draw a picture of Brum or the local area you live, and show it to someone who might like it too. 

Here’s a quote by one of my all time favourite artists Paul Klee which will help you be playful when creating your pictures “Drawing is the art of taking a line for a walk” 

And remember you don’t have to be good at art, you just have to enjoy it.
Best wishes from Brumhaus.’